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Bitcoin-explorer, where anyone can see detailed information about all bitcoin transactions and blocks.

The service unlike the competition stores information about over 60 million bitcoins addresses that are in free access. Also, it allows you to work with Bitcoin wallet:

- send bitcoins
- generation, import and storage of individual keys
- encryption and decryption of WIF
- protected storage, HD wallet

Provides its own bitcoin API for working with the service. The service was launched in 2016.

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Online bitcoin wallet where you can buy or sell bitcoins, exchange it to euro, and store, receive or send cryptocurrency.

Gefarapay operates in all the countries of the European Union. Also available as a mobile app on Android and IOS. The service was launched in 2016.

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A service that allows customers to create a bitcoin wallet, buy bitcoins and store them in one place.

It allows users to buy, sell, store and send bitcoins in just a few mouse clicks. Three-level identification system is introduced into the service: email, SMS and PIN. It is one of the leaders in the Russian market. The service was launched in 2014.

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Bitmap is one of the most convenient and popular applications for finding ATMs near you and all over the world.

Using this application, you can find an ATM for buying and selling bitcoins in one click. Bitmap contains the most current and recent data on the availability of Bitcoin ATMs. It is available for iOS and Android devices. The application was launched in 2016.

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Hashbon – opensource multiblockchain framework for business. Using opensource framework, we implement business applications that will raise the transparency of business to a new level.

The introduction of business applications from Hashbon in public companies will make them more attractive in the eyes of investors. Investors will receive more up to date information on the state of the business and will be able to promptly influence the business management process. Consequently, the value of the company's shares will increase.

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